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J.F. Hydrocolloids offers a wide range of carrageenan, pectin, pectin fiber and, tara gum to improve the quality, texture, and profit margins of your versatile products. Besides our extensive range of existing natural products, we are ready to offer support with tailor-made solutions and expert technical support.

Our ingredients are Halal certified; Kosher certified, Organic-Allowed, Trans- fat free, non-GMO and Allergen free. The certifications are available upon request.

Carrageenan is a natural hydrocolloid product found in certain species of red seaweeds. There are three types of commercial carrageenan that have been identified, Kappa, Iota and Lambda. The optimum balance of texture can be achieved with the proper blends for nearly any food application. Ceamsa, our principal, tailor designs carrageenan blends to suit the application's particular needs. Some general benefits of using carrageenan include increased water holding capacity, moisture control improved slice-ability and customized texture to fit any functionality.
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Found in ripe fruits of citrus plants and apples, pectin is a group of naturally-occurring water-soluble colloids. There are a variety of pectins to suit the needs of the confectionery, fruit, beverage and dairy industries. The general benifits of using pectin are to ensure a nice and delicate texture, improved flavor release, increase the body and mouth-feel and to control the viscosity of a product.
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Fiber is a special type of carbohydrate that is digestible only with the help of special micro-organisms. In certain applications, it is water binding and textural functionality is superior to many commodity type fibers. There are many known health benefits of fiber, such as reducing cholesterol and as a pro-biotic. Pectin fiber has many applications in the dairy, dessert and meat industry in addition to non-food applications.
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Tara Gum is an environmentally-friendly product that is produced by grinding the endosperm of Caesalpina Spinosa seeds. Used as an alternative to gaur and locust been gums; tara gum is used as a thickening agent and stabilizer. The general benefits of using tara gum are an increased viscosity, high water absorption, improved texture and improved mouth-feel. Tara Gum is used in a variety of food applications.
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