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Our technical sales representatives are able to assist product development and provide texture solutions in common fields such as baking, dairy, meat and poultry, dressings, sauces, and confectionery.

  • High water binding.
  • Improved appearance.
  • Improved slice ability.
  • Increased yield.
  • Low syneresis.
  • Minimal water release during storage.
Pectin Fiber:
  • Improved yield from purge reduction, and drip loss control.
  • Neutral pH and flavor.
  • High content of dietary fiber.
  • High water retention capabilities.
  • High oil absorbency.
Tara Gum:
  • Binding and stabilizing agent.
  • Facilitates extrusion and stuffing.
  • High water retention capabilities.
  • Better lubrication of meat mix.

  • Improved stability.
  • Any desired texture.
  • Improved mouth-feel.
  • Increases shelf-life.
  • Demoulable.
  • Ensures optimum stability of heat treated dairy drink.
  • Prevents whey separation and casein precipitation.
  • Extends shelf-life.
  • Smoother mouth-feel.
  • Improves flavor release.
Tara Gum:
  • Reduces ice crystal formation in frozen deserts.
  • Creates excellent body.
  • Good shape retention.
  • Smoother mouth-feel and chewiness.
  • High heat shock resistance.

  • Infinite texture possibilities, including gelatine like textures.
  • Quick setting time.
  • Reduced syneresis.
  • Transparency in gel.
  • Enhanced flavor release.
  • Improved heat stability.
  • Rapid, medium and slow setting pectins available.
  • Ensures nice and delicate texture.
  • Improves body and mouth-feel.
  • Controls setting temperature and time.
  • Improves flavor release.
  • Controls viscosity of beverages.

  • Ensures nice and delicate texture.
  • Controls setting temperature and time.
  • Improves flavor release.
Tara Gum:
  • Improves elasticity of carrageenan.
  • Improves slice-ability.
  • Improves water retention.

Pectin Fiber:
  • Binds water to retain moisture.
  • Better shelf-life and improved yield.
  • Acts as a partial replacement for oil, eggs and fat.
  • Reduced cost.

Carrageenan for Non-foods:
  • Thickener.
  • Stabilizer.
  • Good suspending agent.
Carrageenan for Pharmaceuticals:
  • Alternative to gelatin used in capsules.